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Facebook Research Formulas


Facebook Research Formulas for Musicians, Artists and Creative Entrepreneurs

Learn about your Facebook fanbase and grow it faster!

Facebook search is powerful. However most creators, especially in Europe, don’t even know about it. In fact, I haven’t met an artist in Germany yet, who wasn’t surprised about what one can do with Facebook. This ebook introduces you to Facebook Research Formulas and how to use them to grow your audience!

Most of us use Facebook the common way. We post, like, share and comment.
However, if we really want to learn about our fanbase and increase it fast, this is often not enough.

This ebook gives you the secret sauce for using Facebook as a research tool. It helps you to identify potential fans and to learn about your current fans.

Moreover, it contains plenty of examples to build upon. I call them the Facebook Research Formulas.

So if you want to reach new audiences and learn about your fans, this ebook is for you!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Setup Facebook the right way
  3. How to search in Facebook?
  4. Identify potential fans
  5. Learn about your fans
  6. Additional search formulas
  7. Friend Finder and Facebook Insights
  8. How to add Facebook friends the right way?
  9. Thank You

Take a look at the first 3 pages here.

The formulas are very very powerful!

So far I introduced these Formulas to my private coaching clients only. Now it’s your chance to get them yourself and to use them for your growth as a creator!

Facebook Research Formulas – eBook (PDF) – 15 Pages in English, 27 EUR (+VAT). To purchase, click the button ‘Add to Cart’ now:

Your benefits

  • Increase your Fanbase faster – To increase your fanbase it’s crucial to identify people who might become your fans. To identify those people, determine some criteria first and then use the Facebook Research Formulas shown in the eBook to search for people who meet a mix of those criteria.
  • Learn details about your fans – Facebook Research Formulas are great to find out details about your fans. This helps you to deepen the artist-fan-relationship. Additionally, the more you know about your fans, the more criteria you have to identify current and potential fans online and offline.
  • Save time and money – identify and create fans without paying for anything. Research Formulas can be applied for free.