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Companion Programme

Dear SYT Companion!

The SYT Companion Programme enables you to spread the word about SYT and to help your fellow artists take part in this movement. Furthermore, you can earn money while recommending what you believe in.

We target creative people
world-wide for e.g. Skype Coachings or online products and programmes
in Germany (currently mainly in the Cologne area) for physical events such as workshops

The Companion Programme allows you to do basically two things:

a) Spread the word about anything that is available on
b) Spread the word about  SYT events / tickets that are offered via Eventbrite

Now, to become a Companion, you have to sign up. This is super easy and in less than 10 minutes you are done. Promised!

Let’s start with a)

a) Spread the word about anything that is available on

In fact, currently you can earn 15% of the ticket price for events, services, meetups and products offered on

The sign-up for the Companion Programme is easily done via the following link in co-operation with a company we trust, SendOwl: –> SIGN UP <–

There are 4 simple steps to sign-up for the SYT Companion Programme:

Step 1: Enter your details and answer the security question.

SYT CP Schritt 1


Step 2: Read the relevant terms and click the ‘Join’ button

SYT CP Schritt 2

The current terms are as follows (Dec 21, 2015):

  • You get your recommendation bonus as the latest recommender to refer a client. This means, if someone else recommends SYT after you already did, the other person (as the last recommender) will earn the bonus.
  • Your recommendation link will set a cookie (if technologically possible) for a lifetime of 2 months. This means: you will be rewarded for any purchases the referred client makes within a period of 2 months.
  • Payout threshold and pay delay: You receive payment not before your recommendation bonus sums up to 20 EUR. Payment can take up to one month after the last purchase was made that brought your bonus over the 20 EUR threshold.


Step 3: Get your personal Companion Link (affiliate link) by clicking on the link

SYT CP Schritt 3


Step 4: Copy your personal Companion link and save it for later usage

SYT CP Schritt 4

Typically the personalized link will look like this (with the x replaced):

Now you can use that link by posting it e.g. at: Facebook, Twitter, Xing, Linkedin etc. Don’t forget word of mouth, email and your website!


Download the consulting & coaching flyer in German language or in English and feel free to use it reasonably.


b) Spread the word about events / tickets that are offered via Eventbrite

Tickets for events that are offered via Eventbrite can be promoted by a per-event link. This means, for each event you need to create a separate link. This is simple, too. And again it gets you another 15% on the ticket value.

If you don’t have an Eventbrite account yet, you have to register first. To register, you can use one of the links below, too. If you already have an account, you just login with your login details.

The process is pretty straight forward, too:

Step 1:  Login or register (links can be found down below)



Step 2: Click on the blue box at the bottom to confirm the sign-up



Step 3: Copy your personal event related link and save it for later usage



Here’s the list of currently available events at Eventbrite and the corresponding link to create your personal SYT Companion link in co-operation with Eventbrite:

Event 1: Managers and Producers in the Music Industry – Why They Are Essential
–> Create your SYT Companion link for the event shown above <–

Download the corresponding flyer here and feel free to use it reasonably.


In case of questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with me:
+49 (0) 163-8446911

Rock on!

Coaching for musicians and artists

Marc Antonius


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