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Marc Antonius Dominick

Owner and founder of SPREAD YOUR TALENT. Consultant, coach and developer of a modern tribe of artists and creative entrepreneurs.

“Without exception, I work with people who inspire me. Their mindset, goals, plans and their ‘why’ are important to me!”

Among his clients are players from the music and creative sector as well as founders, entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, speakers and leaders from other industries. In addition, he works as artist manager for Eddi Hüneke (5x gold status with Wise Guys).

My story

Hi, my name is Marc Antonius. I currently live and create in Frankfurt (Germany). I am a coach and developer of artists.
I believe, the more creative people share their inspiration with the world, the more beauty is around us. But too many people feel left alone and struggle or even stop following their own unique path. This is what I want to change!

I was born in Germany in the mid 70s and grew up at a time when personal computers where just on the rise and music could only be consumed via radio, record player, tape deck or live. I still remember when one day in high school our music teacher was filled with pride as he demonstrated a new technology to us: The compact disc (CD)

The guy with the guitar

When I was 14, my older sister came home with her new boyfriend. He had long hair and played the guitar. He was lead guitarist in a local rock band. I was impressed because he was able to ‘conquer’ my beautiful sister. Even more so because he played this awesome music on his guitar. It didn’t take long until he showed me some chords. I wanted to play the rock guitar. About a year later I did!

In 1994 I launched my first band Live Wire. During 1995 – 1997 we had a great time whilst playing about 30 gigs in the Cologne area and made our mark as a young, progressive rock band. My younger brother (vocals) and I (guitar) were the backbone of the band. During that time I trained my skills not only as a songwriter but also as a manager and marketer of a band.

Live Wire (1996)

Digital recording was still in its infancy and practically not affordable, however here’s an extract of Stay Young Stay Young recorded with our famous kitchen cassette deck in our rehearsal room (1996). After Live Wire, other rather short term formations and projects followed. Looking back, I can say these years definitely were some of the greatest years of my life.

As a student

In 1999 I started studying international business management. During my studies I played the guitar in the students band and I organized several events related to arts and culture. It always made me proud and thankful to be able to help making creative people shine and perform. I was also happy to provide a platform where my fellow students could showcase their creative talents.

When I went to New Zealand as an international student in 2003, I became part of the live music scene as I played in pubs and open-mike events. During that time, I had the chance to record an original song called Blue Window (acoustic): Blue Window. Thank you Mike for helping with recording, I hope you are reading these lines!

As a business man

After my studies, I pursued a career as an internal and external management consultant. It was great to finally put my knowledge into practice and to advance in the world of corporate business. Since then I have been consulting and working for companies such as BASF, Siemens, Capgemini, Generali and worked in Hong Kong, Malta, South Africa, New Zealand, Austria and Germany.


Although I do love business the downside was that I lost track of my real passion: music, arts and culture. In some years I didn’t play the guitar for several months and when I played, I somehow got sad because I missed the old times…

Something pivotal happened

In 2010 something far-reaching happened in my life. My health was in trouble and I had a big problem with my ear. A cholesteatoma was diagnosed and I had to undergo complex surgery. Normally the sound is transferred via your earbones from the eardrum towards your acoustic nerve. In fact, in my right ear the connection between the eardrum and the acoustic nerve had been broken. The cholesteatoma had destroyed most of my earbones already so that I’d lost a huge amount of my hearing ability.

Before and after surgery I had plenty of time to be scared to death and to think about my life. I feared that I would never ever make music or listen to music again properly. I felt angry and guilty because I hadn’t lived the previous years of my life the way I should have. Those years were gone!

The promise

I promised myself that if at all possible I want to get back into music and dive back into arts and cultural activities again. Moreover, I recognized that I want to help people to pursue their passion. If possible I want to prevent them from losing track the same way I did.

The surgeon transplanted a piece of titanium into my ear in order to emulate the function of earbones. I was lucky. I got back about 80% of my listening capacity and today I don’t even need to wear a hearing device. Here are some impressions from a few days after surgery.

Marc-Ohrverband - swMarc-Ohr_nah - sw

The mission

I followed my promise. In recent years I got much more involved with music and the arts again. I recorded new songs and I started to play in a band again. I surrounded myself with creative people and went to cultural events.

Moreover I made contacts in the entrepreneurial startup-scene and updated my knowledge in areas such as business model generation, online marketing and social media. And it didn’t take long until I delved into the great opportunities the digital world offers for artists today.

Most importantly, I interviewed several artists (musicians, poets, writers etc.) in order to understand their real life challenges. As a result I saw a huge need for creative people to become entrepreneurs and to understand that positioning and marketing is very different today to what it was in the past.

Finally, I realized that I can help them by combining my expert business and marketing knowledge with my own experience as an artist. At the end of 2013 my mission was clear: Help creative people spread their talent!