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About us

Management, coaching, consulting and branding for exceptional people.

We develop talent and implement dreams.

Our clients are not off the shelf. They have big dreams and extraordinary talent. They have decided to go their own way. Often they are driven by something bigger than themselves.

However, now and then they experience fear of their own courage. Sometimes they feel their dreams are so daring that the implementation seems unattainable. And at other times they lose focus, led astray by all the temptations and stumbling blocks that arise on the way.

In these cases, SPREAD YOUR TALENT is here to help. We develop talent and implement dreams.


Without exception, we work with people who inspire us, depending on their mindset, goals, plans and ‘why’.

Our clients include numerous players from the music and creative sector as well as founders, entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches and managers from other industries.

Processes and formats

  • Transformational Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Management
  • Workshops, webinars, speeches
  • Project Mentorship


Our framework provides solutions:

  • Artist Mindset – modern thinking and action
  • Goal Tracking – develop and pursue goals
  • Funky Marketing – attract attention
  • Authentic Branding – stand out
  • Large Audience – deepen your network and fanbase / customer base
  • Artist Business Models – Boost revenues

Internationally active

We operate worldwide from Cologne, Germany. Personally on site or via telephone, zoom and Skype.