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Young artist Elina Laivera puts her pajamas on and discusses SELF ESTEEM


Today I discuss self esteem and give you 8 hacks to help your self esteem grow!

Artists, are sensitive beings and that is what gives them their creative abilities, makes them who they are.

But sensitive should not apparently mean, weak. Being creative beings exposes us to critic and different opinions that might have a negative effect on our creativity and productivity and finally on the way we feel about ourselves.

By getting confident equally about our strenghts and flaws, we can remain authentic and shine our light out to the world brighter than ever.

I’d like to give you 8 hacks to help your self esteem grow:

8 hacks to help your self esteem grow!

1. Determine your self esteem level

2. Set realistic goals and have realistic expectations

3. Let go of perfectionism. Or at least don’t go too crazy about it

4. Explore yourself, find out who you are, put it into your art, as well

5. Adjust your own self image

6. Stop comparing yourself to others

7. Take initiatives & break your comfort zone. Make your move!

8. Take care of yourself

Enjoy the video / podcast. Feel free to download the mp3 or listen to it at iTunes – Episode 5!



Eine kleine Erkenntnis und du hebst ab.


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